Dean Jewett Locke

Dean Jewett Locke (1823–1887) was the founder of the pioneer town, Lockeford, California. As a student of the Harvard Medical School, he was a trained physician, but he contributed to the small community in many more professions. The house he lived in is now a historical landmark in California. Dean Jewett Locke was born in New Hampshire in 1823. As soon as he had graduated from school, he made a trip to the Golden State in search of gold, traveling with the Boston-Newton Joint Stock Company as their physician. Realizing that it was more prosperous to own land, he and his brothers, George and Elmer, built a small ranch along the Mokelumne River in the San Joaquin Valley in 1851. He later returned to the East to visit family in 1854, and it was there he met Delia Hammond. They married in 1855 and Dr. Dean and his new wife packed off to the ranch along with D.J. Locke’s father, Luther Locke, who would later become the first postmaster of Lockeford. The Locke ranch became a starting point for the town Lockeford. The home that Dr. Dean had been living in previously was rebuilt into a small frame house for his wife, which would later be known as the Locke House.

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1887 at age of 64


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