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Actor from Romania,United States of America

Renault Renaldo Duncan (April 23, 1904 – September 3, 1980), better known as Duncan Renaldo, was a Romanian-born American actor best remembered for his portrayal of The Cisco Kid in films and on the 1950-1956 American TV series, The Cisco Kid. Renaldo told some interviewers that he actually did not know where he was born. Various sources claim that he was born in Oancea, Galaţi County, Romania as Vasile Dumitru V. Couyanos or Basil Couyanos. Renaldo apparently never knew his biological parents and was raised in several European countries. His birthplace has been generally stated as Romania and he said his first childhood memories were in Romania. He emigrated to America in the 1920s. Failing to support himself as a portrait painter, he tried producing short films. He eventually took up acting and signed with MGM in 1928 where he worked in at least two major films, The Bridge of San Luis Rey and Trader Horn. The latter film was shot on location in Africa and is notorious for adventures that rivaled the source book's and film's plot of a "great white hunter" and a white blonde jungle queen, the lost daughter of a missionary. One crew member was taken by a crocodile and another killed  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Duncan Rinaldo,Vasile Dumitru V. Couyanos,Renault Renaldo Duncan,Renault Duncan,Duncan Renault,Renaldo,Basil Couyanos,Duncan,Renault
Date of birth
Place of birth
Galaţi County
Romania,United States of America
Suzette Renaldo Audrey Renaldo


Year Performance Character
1966 The Baron's African War
1949 The Gay Amigo
1944 Sheriff of Sundown
1942 A Yank in Libya Sheik David
1941 Down Mexico Way
1941 I'll Never Heil Again
1940 Oklahoma Renegades
1940 Heroes of the Saddle
1940 Pioneers of the West
1940 Covered Wagon Days
1940 Rocky Mountain Rangers
1939 Cowboys From Texas
1937 Sky Racket
1936 Moonlight Murder Pedro
1929 The Bridge of San Luis Rey


Date of death
Cause of death
Lung cancer
Place of death

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