Earl Bramblett

Earl Conrad Bramblett (March 20, 1942 - April 9, 2003) was a man from Virginia who was convicted for the 1994 murders of the Hodges family (father William, mother Teresa, eleven-year-old Winter, and three-year-old Anah). He was sentenced to death for the murders and executed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the electric chair in 2003. The bodies of the Hodges family were discovered by firefighters after a fire at their residence in Vinton, Virginia had been reported. William, Winter, and Anah Hodges had been shot to death, and Teresa Hodges had been strangled and doused with the flammable liquid used to start the fire. Initially, authorities thought that the family died as a result of a murder-suicide, with William Hodges as the perpetrator. He had been convicted of embezzling funds from his former employer and was due to begin a jail sentence for the crime. However, the barrel from the gun found in William's hand had been removed after he was shot, and William's autopsy showed that he had died several hours before the other family members, ruling out the initial murder-suicide theory. Earl Bramblett was a friend of the Hodges family, who frequently stayed with them.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 20th, 1942
Date of death
April 9th, 2003 at age of 61


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