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Eddie santiago

Eddie Santiago (Eduardo Santiago Rodríguez) (born August 18, 1955) is a salsa singer from Puerto Rico. At a young age, Eddie demonstrated great love for salsa music. He performed with several groups, including Generación 2000, Orquesta La Potente, Orquesta Opus, and the Orquesta Saragüey. Santiago's career took off in 1984 in Puerto Rico and Latin America as a soloist, formimg his own band, and recording songs including: "Tú me quemas" (You Burn Me), "Qué Locura Enamorarme de Ti" (What Madness To Fall in Love With You), "Me Fallaste" (You Failed Me), Antidoto y Veneno (Antidote and Venom), "Tu Me Haces Falta" (I Need You), his best known hit "Lluvia" (Rain, not to be confused with Menudo's hit of the same name), and many others. His fame eventually spread to Europe and the United States, making him one of the most popular Salsa singer in the late 80's and early 90's. He was one of the main singers of "Salsa romántica" ("romantic salsa"). His first major recording on an international label was with Sony Music in 1999. He also recorded for the TH, EMI Latin, and Polygram labels, including the well regarded production inspired by the music of Rafael Hernández, entitled "Enamorado".

Personal details

Date of birth
August 18th, 1955
Place of birth
Toa Alta
Puerto Rico

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Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Despues del Silencio
2004 Album on compact disc
Interpreta Los Grandes Exitos de Luis Angel""
2003 Album on compact disc
2001 Album on compact disc
Celebración: Epic Duets
Salsa music
1999 Album on compact disc 41 minutes
De Vuelta a Casa
Salsa music
De Vuelta a Casa
1996 Album on compact disc
Eddie Santiago
Salsa music
1995 Album on compact disc
Cada Vez, Otra Vez
1993 Album on compact disc
Soy el Mismo
Salsa music
1991 Album
New Wave Salsa
Salsa music
Invasión de la Privacidad
Salsa music
1988 Album on compact disc Studio album
Sigo Atrevido
Salsa music
1987 Album
Atrevido y diferente
Salsa music
1986 Album on compact disc
Mi Historia
Album 56 minutes

Movie performances

1. The Terminal (2004)

Comedy, Drama
played Man on Phone
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
26 Show list 2 Show list $60M

The Terminal is a 2004 American comedy-drama film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It is about a man who becomes trapped in New York City's JFK International Airport terminal when he is denied entry into the United States and at the same time cannot return to his native country due to a revolution. The film is partially inspired by the 17-year-stay of Mehran Karimi Nasseri in the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Terminal I, Paris, France from 1988 to 2006.


2005 BMI Film Music Award
2004 ADG Excellence in Production Design Awards - Contemporary Film

Top cast

Frank Dixon
Dolores Torres
Karl Iverson
Amelia Warren
Field Reporter
Enrique Cruz
Discovery Store Manager
Cab Driver
CBP Officer #2
CBP Officer #4
Yoshinoya Manager
Gupta Rajan
Bobby Alima
First Class Steward
Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country
The Terminal
French, English, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian
United States of America


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