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Edgar Smith (born 1934) is an American convicted murderer, who was once on Death Row for the 1957 murder of fifteen-year-old honor student and cheer leader Victoria Ann Zielinski. Vigorously contesting his conviction through the courts and in the media, Smith became a celebrity, and his case was argued in public most notably by William F. Buckley, Jr. He eventually succeeded in winning a retrial and negotiating a reduced sentence. Smith was released only to be incarcerated for a second time for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Lefteriya Ozbun in 1976. In March 1957, 15-year old Victoria Ann Zielinski of Ramsey, New Jersey disappeared on her way home from a friend's house. One of the girl's shoes, a black penny loafer was discovered the following morning on the roadside by her parents, who had been driving around an approximate two mile radius from where their daughter had last been seen, searching for her. They also noticed a blood-matted head scarf in the vicinity. While Mr. Zielinski, the girl's father, continued searching on foot, Mrs. Zielinski contacted the police. Mr.

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1.A reasonable doubt

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