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Edi Kristaq Rama (born Edvin Rama, on 4 July 1964) is an Albanian politician, painter, publicist, professor, and former athlete. Currently he is the leader of the Socialist Party of Albania, the largest opposition party in Albania. He has served as board member at the local Soros Open Society Foundation of Albania, president of the Association of Mayors of Albania, and as Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Albania. Edi Rama was Mayor of Tirana for three terms from 2000 to 2011. He is married to Lindita Xhillari (née Basha) and has 2 children. Edi Rama was born to Kristaq Rama, a native of Durrës and renowned Albanian sculptor, and Aneta Rama (née Koleka), a graduate in medicine and niece of Spiro Koleka, a former member of the Albanian Politburo. As a teenager Rama got involved in sports by becoming a player of Dinamo, a leading basketball team, and the Albanian national team. Following the collapse of Communism in Albania, he became involved with the first democratic movements. He entered the student movement but soon left after a quarrel over ideological matters with Sali Berisha.

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July 4th, 1964
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Tirana, Albania



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The Socialist Party of Albania, is a social-democratic political party in Albania; it gained power in Albania following the 2013 parliamentary election. It seated 66 MPs in the 2009 Albanian parliament. It achieved power in 1997 after a political crisis and governmental realignment. In the 2001 parliamentary election the party secured 73 seats in the Parliament, which enabled it to form the Government. In the general election of 3 July 2005, the Socialist Party lost its majority and the Democratic Party of Albania formed the new government, having secured, with its allies, a majority of 81 seats. The Party of Labour of Albania during its Tenth Congress in June 1991 changed its name to the Socialist Party of Albania, and also changed its ideology from Marxism–Leninism to social democracy. Fatos Nano, a man from the intelligentsia, was elected its first Chairman. Nano helped to reform the old communist party and made it a member of the Socialist International. On 1 September 2005 Nano resigned as the chairman of the Socialist Party, after losing the elections. He was succeeded by Edi Rama.

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