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Edith of Wilton Saint Edith of Wilton (also known as Eadgyth, her name in Old English, or as Editha or Ediva, the Latin forms of her name) was an English nun, a daughter of the 10th century King Edgar of England, born at Kemsing, Kent, in 961. Following her death in 984, she became the patron saint of her community at Wilton Abbey and churches were dedicated to her in Wiltshire and in other parts of England. Her life was written by Goscelin, and her feast day is on 16 September. Edith was the illegitimate daughter of King Edgar the Peaceful, by Wilfrida, or Wulfthryth, a woman of noble birth whom Edgar carried off forcibly from the nunnery at Wilton Abbey. He took her to his manor house at Kemsing, near Sevenoaks, where Edith was born. Under St Dunstan's direction, Edgar did penance for this crime by not wearing his crown for seven years. As soon as Wulfthryth could escape from Edgar, she returned to Wilton, taking Edith with her. Edith was educated by the nuns of Wilton Abbey, where her mother had become abbess. Standing not far from a royal residence at Wilton, as part of its devotional work the abbey functioned as the contemporary equivalent of a boarding school for young ladies. She took the  ( Wikipedia article )


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Date of birth
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Edward the Martyr, Edgar the Peaceful of England
Edward the Martyr


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Wilton Abbey

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