Edmund Bojanowski

Edmund Bojanowski (1814-1871) was a Polish Catholic layman whose works of faith and charity led to him being beatified, a step towards canonization to sainthood. Edmund Bojanowski was born in the small village of Grabonóg, Poland, on 14 November 1814 to a family of Polish nobility (szlachta). His parents, Walenty Bojanowski and Teresa Umińska, were very religious which helped form Edmund’s deep religious convictions at an early age. At the age of four, Edmund became ill and appeared to die, only to appear to come to life a short while later. His parents considered this a form of miraculous healing based on their prayers. On his recovery, he vowed to dedicate his life to the Virgin Mary. Edmund continued to suffer ill health throughout his lifetime. Because of this he could not attend school and had to be tutored at home. At the age of 20 he developed tuberculosis. He later continued his studies at the University of Wrocław and in Berlin, Germany. He was, however, too frail at this time to study for the priesthood, a vocation that he would attempt later in life.

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