Edouard de Laurot

Edward Lada Laudański (Łódź, 23 April 1922 - New York, New York, 1993) better known as Édouard de Laurot, aka Yves de Laurot, was a film maker and writer of Polish/French nationality. Mekas (2007) notes the incredible circumstances of De Laurot's life, including his experiences in the Polish Resistance and surviving the second Warsaw Uprising during World War II. In a video interview Mekas recounts how Laurot would tell the friends of the engaged cinema group tall stories including how he was chosen by the Polish resistance in Warsaw to swam across the river Wisla, under German fire, and deliver a message to the Soviets on the other bank, which was too incredible for anyone to believe, yet a Washington lawyer later confirmed the story on a visit to Warsaw - Laudański in fact was the messenger who swam the river. After the uprising Edward Laudański worked for British Secret Service. After the war he studied in England and in 1950, he obtained a diploma in English studies at Cambridge University. In his interview "Yves de Laurot defines Cinema engagé" (Cinéaste, Spring 1970) Laurot/Laudański describes how he first held a film camera.

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