Edwin Drake

Edwin drake

Edwin Laurentine Drake (March 29, 1819 – November 9, 1880), also known as Colonel Drake, was an American oil driller, popularly credited with being the first to drill for oil in the United States. Edwin Drake was born in Greenville, Greene County, New York on March 29, 1819, the son of Lyman and Laura (née Lee) Drake. He grew up on family farms around New York State and Castleton, Rutland County, Vermont before leaving home at the age of 13. He spent the early parts of his life working the railways around New Haven, Connecticut as a clerk, express agent and conductor. During this time he married Philena Adams who died while giving birth to their second child in 1854. Drake re-married three years later to Laura Dowd, sixteen years his junior, in 1857. During this summer, illness prevented Drake from carrying on with his job. He retained the privileges of a train conductor, including free travel on the railroads. By 1858, the Drake family found themselves living in Titusville, Pennsylvania. While petroleum oil was known prior to this, there was no appreciable market for it. Samuel Martin Kier is credited with founding the first American oil refinery in Pittsburgh.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 29th, 1819
Place of birth
United States of America
Date of death
November 9th, 1880 at age of 61
Place of death
Places lived
Bethlehem , Pennsylvania
pop. 75,018 (2013)
Vermont , United States, with Territories
pop. 626,630 (2013)


1.Drake Well

The Drake Well is a 69.5-foot -deep oil well in Cherrytree Township, Venango County in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The well is the centerpiece of the Drake Well Museum located 3 miles south of Titusville. Drilled by Edwin Drake in 1859, along the banks of Oil Creek, it is the first commercial oil well in the United States. Drake Well was listed on National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. It was designated a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in 1979. The well was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark in 2009, on the sesquicentennial of the strike.

2.Drake Well Museum

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