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Canon Edwin Sidney Savage MA(February 28, 1862 — October 26, 1947) was an English clergyman. Savage was educated at New College, Eastbourne, University College London and Oxford University Magdalen College, Oxford and was notable for his many achievements, some of which are listed below. He married Jane McEwan who died during birth of first and only son, Ronald McEwan Hill. Edwin married for second time in 1889, Sibil, daughter of Dean Farrar of Canterbury, by whom he had one son Cuthbert Savage and four daughters (Enid, Audrey, Rosella and Elflida). Savage was rector of Hexham Abbey 1898-1919, during which he rebuilt much of the Abbey. As Chief Commissioner for the YMCA in the Mediterranean, he served on 21 Ships during World War I. For his services to the Serbian Red Cross and for the relief of the civil population he was awarded the Order of St Sava and the military rank of Major by King Peter I of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The Holy Orthodox Church confired on him the Order of the Golden Cross the insignature of which, a massive pectoral cross of repousse gold, he habitually wore. He also served on the International Commission to report on the Bulgarian Atrocities. On the  ( Wikipedia article )


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