Elisha Gallico

Elisha ben Gabriel Gallico (died at Safed about 1583) was a talmudist from the Land of Israel. He was a pupil of Joseph Caro. After the death of his mentor, Gallico was nominated dean of the Safed yeshiva. He is frequently mentioned in the responsa collection Abḳat Rokel, in which responsum No. 84 belongs to him. Chaim Benveniste quotes Gallico's responsa in his Keneset ha-Gedolah. Gallico wrote homiletic-allegorical commentaries on Ecclesiastes (published during the author's lifetime, Venice, 1577), on the Book of Esther (Venice, 1583), and on the Song of Songs (Venice, 1587). This article incorporates text from the 1901–1906 Jewish Encyclopedia article "Gallico, Elisha ben Gabriel" by Kaufmann Kohler and M. Seligsohn, a publication now in the public domain. Jewish Encyclopedia bibliography: Michael, Or ha-Ḥayyim, p. 223, No. 474; Azulai, Shem ha-Gedolim, i. 28, No. 208; Moritz Steinschneider, Cat. Bodl. col. 968; Fuenn, Keneset Yisrael, p. 136.

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