Elizabeth Sutherland, 24th Countess of Sutherland

Elizabeth Millicent Sutherland, 24th Countess of Sutherland (born 30 March 1921) is a British peeress. She was born Elizabeth Millicent Sutherland-Leveson-Gower, the only child of Major Lord Alastair Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (1890–1921), a son of the 4th Duke of Sutherland, and his wife, the former Elizabeth Demarest (1892–1931), the former wife of John G. A. Leishman, Jr. and a daughter of Warren Gardner Demarest of New York City. Her father died while taking part in a big game expedition in Rhodesia, contracting malaria and dying there on 28 April 1921, aged 31. Her mother then married, in 1931, Baron George Osten Driesen, but died three months later. Elizabeth then became a ward of her uncle the 5th Duke of Sutherland. Upon his death, she succeeded in her own right as 24th Countess of Sutherland and 24th Lady Strathnaver, whilst the Dukedom and the other titles that could pass in the male line only were inherited by the 5th Earl of Ellesmere. She also inherited most her uncle's large land-holdings, including Dunrobin Castle. She subsequently changed her surname to Sutherland in order to be recognised as Chief of Clan Sutherland.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 30th, 1921


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