Elliot Offen

Elegant" Elliot Offen (born July 3, 1952) is a flamboyant crossdresser who speaks in his own gangster slang and is one of the most eccentric Wack Packers on the Howard Stern Show. Offen will appear on the show yelling about his "healthy lifestyle", which consists of eating only raw fruits and vegetables and running 20 miles a day in women's lingerie. Whether or not Offen sticks to the diet is a mystery because he doesn't appear healthy for someone who runs 20 miles a day, though he is somewhat thin. Due to the fact that he wears women's clothing, it is believed that Offen is a homosexual. To disclaim these allegations, Offen has gone to the measure of coming to the show ranting that he is a heterosexual and hiring actresses to act as his girlfriend. Stern discovered that Offen had hired a woman to pose as his girlfriend when he was forcing them to kiss. Elliot is also known for being a con man long before his first appearance on the Howard Stern show. In 1988, Elliot Keith Offen was arrested in New York City for fraud.

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Date of birth
July 3rd, 1952

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