Emilio Terrero y Perinat Politician

Emilio Terrero y Perinat was a 33rd degree Mason who became the Governor-General of the Philippines from 1885 to 1888. He was renowned for his campaign against the Moros in Mindanao. Terrero was lieutenant general before he became Governor General of the Philippines on April 4, 1885 due to his appointment to the post by Praxedes Mateo Sagasta, then Prime Minister of Spain. Terrero started out as a new Carlist, but after seeing first hand the abuses and avarice of the friars and their blatant disregard of the laws of the land, he gradually abandoned his absolutist and apostolic Carlist convictions and was transformed into a liberal, reform-minded and anti-clerical Governor General. He took part in the Carolinas dispute between Spain and Germany in 1885, in which the friars funded construction of a ship named Crucera Filipina in 1886. The dispute raised alarm in Manila that a German invasion of the Philippines was imminent, with the Carolinas taken by Germany without resistance. Terrero himself awarded the two leaders he sent to facilitate Carolinas who escaped.


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