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Endre ady

Endre Ady (November 22, 1877 - January 27, 1919) was a Hungarian poet. Ady was born in Érmindszent, Szilágy County (part of Austria-Hungary at the time; now a village in Satu Mare County, Romania, called Adyfalva in Hungarian and Ady Endre in Romanian). He belonged to an impoverished Calvinist noble family. Endre was the second of three children, although the eldest of the three, a girl named Ilona had died at an early age. Between 1892-1896, he attended the Calvinist College in Zalău. Since 1957, in the front of the school, there is a statue of Ady Endre, built by Balaskó Nándor. In the newspaper "Szilágy" from Zalău, Ady Endre published his first poem on March 22, 1896. Afterwards, he studied Law at the Reformed College in Debrecen. After finishing his studies, he became a journalist, and published his first poems in a volume called Versek (Poems) in 1899. He soon became tired of Debrecen (the town later became the symbol of backwardness in his poetry) and moved to Nagyvárad (today Oradea, Romania), a city with rich cultural life. In the articles written in 1902 for Nagyváradi Napló Ady paid a close attention to the social features of his time.

Personal details

Date of birth
November 22nd, 1877
Austria-Hungary,Kingdom of Hungary
Date of death
January 27th, 1919 at age of 41
Place of death
Budapest, Hungary
Places lived
Bihor County , Romania



Written work

1.The explosive country

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1977. at Budapest


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