Enoch Lonnie Ford

Enoch Lonnie Ford is a former employee of the Trinity Broadcasting Network who claims that, in 1996, he was forced into having a homosexual act with TBN president and founder Paul Crouch under threats of job termination. Ford was subsequently released from TBN while in prison on a probation violation. TBN and Crouch, while denying the activity occurred, paid Ford $425,000 as a settlement, stating that it would be cheaper than a lengthy and damaging lawsuit. Ford later wrote a manuscript of the incident, and has offered it to TBN for $10 million. TBN has declined, stating that under the terms of the initial settlement, Ford cannot publish the manuscript, and characterizes Ford's offer as extortion. In October 2004, Paul Crouch was awarded $136,000 in legal fees by Judge Robert J. O'Neill relating to the matter. On March 15, 2005 Ford appeared on the ION Television show Lie Detector, which suggested he was telling the truth.

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