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Douglas Eric Embry (born 1959) is a retired professional wrestler, best known for his appearances with World Class Championship Wrestling and the United States Wrestling Association as The Flamboyant Eric Embry. He is known for his feuds with Skandor Akbar and his army, eventually winning control of World Class from Akbar and changing the name to USWA. Embry wrestled in Southwest Championship Wrestling (later Texas, then USA All Star Wrestling) as one of the Fabulous Blondes, along with Ken Timbs and later Dan Greer. Later, he wrestled for 5 Star Wrestling in Baton Rouge. Wrestle for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico from 1985 till 1987. Went to World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas TX were he started working as a heel and became a face during his feud with Skandor Akbar and his army before the promotion went out of business. Embry was a booker for the Dallas Sportatorium promotion from 1988 until 1991. During his time as booker, Embry lived at the Sportatorium because he had no other place to live. In early 1988, he had a feud with Jason Sterling, where Sterling was offered $100 for every minute he spent in the ring with Embry.

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