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Sir Eric Matthew Gairy PC (February 18, 1922 – August 23, 1997) was the first Prime Minister of Grenada, serving from Grenada`s independence in 1974 until his overthrow in a coup by Maurice Bishop in 1979. Gairy also served as head of government in pre-independence Grenada as Chief Minister 1960-1961, and Premier 1967-1974. Eric Matthew Gairy was the son of Douglas and Theresa Gairy, and born 18 February 1922 in Dunfermline, St. Andrew's Parish on the Eastern side of the island near Grenville, Grenada. He attended the LaFillette School and then the St. Andrews Roman Catholic Senior School. Gairy was also an acolyte at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, next door to the school. He became a primary 'student-teacher' in the LaFillette School from January 1939 - September 1941. Eric Gairy returned to Grenada in December, 1949 to enter trade unionism and politics.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 18th, 1922
Date of death
August 23rd, 1997 at age of 75



Organizations founded

1. Grenada United Labour Party

Political party

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The Grenada United Labour Party is a political party in Grenada.

Political engagements

Grenada United Labour Party

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Democratic socialism


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