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Ernesto mccausland

Ernesto McCausland Sojo (born January 4, 1961) is a Colombian journalist, writer and filmmaker. McCausland began in journalism in 1982, as a reporter of crime stories for his home town newspaper El Heraldo. He later started to work in the genre of narrative journalism, becoming one of the best in multiple fields such as press, radio and TV in Colombia. At the same time, he conducted "Mundo Costeño", a narrative journalism program on the regional channel Telecaribe, where he highlited the customs and traditions of the Colombian Caribbean Region. In the mid-90's he worked as a news anchor for the QAP television news. Since 2007 he hosts A las 11, an interview program on Telecaribe. Since 2008 he has worked as co-anchor of Canal Caracol's «El Radar», program. McCausland has conducted the Vallenato Legend Festival on several occesions. He is a collaborator for Colombia's «SoHo» and Spain's «Interviú» magazines. He is also a columnist for El Heraldo. Since 1998, he leads his own production studio, La Esquina del Cine, where he works with some of the most talented young producers in the Colombian Caribbean Region.

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January 4th, 1961


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