Ernie Boch, Jr.

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Ernie Boch, Jr., born in 1958, is the CEO, president, and spokesman of Boch Enterprises, a $1 billion business consisting primarily of automobile dealerships in Norwood, Massachusetts. Boch is a local celebrity in the Greater Boston area who has a passion for music, makes television cameos, and has a creative approach to advertising and selling cars. Ernie Boch, Jr. inherited the automobile sales and service business started by his grandfather, Andrew Boch, who began the family business in 1945 by purchasing a Nash Motors franchise in Norwood, Massachusetts. Andrew's son, Ernie Boch Sr., built the Norwood operation into the top ranked Rambler dealer in the country by the early 1960s. This was accomplished on the strength of his drive and often "outlandish" television commercials with the catch phrase "Come on down!". Ernie Boch, Jr,'s father is also largely credited with bringing the "Automile" concept to U.S. Route 1 in Norwood. With this concept, a large cluster of competing automobile dealerships join together to publicize the "Automile" as an automobile shopping center. Shortly after the death of Ernie Boch Sr., Boch Jr. appeared in a television commercial paying tribute to his  ( Wikipedia article )


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