Estevan Ochoa

Estevan Ochoa (March 17, 1831 – October 27, 1888) was a Mexican-born American businessman and politician who participated in the creation of the Arizona Territory. Ochoa was born to an affluent family in Chihuahua, Mexico on March 17, 1831. While he was growing up, his family operated a freight hauling business along the Santa Fe Trail. Ochoa accompanied his family's wagon trains from Chihuahua to points as distant as Independence, Missouri. His experiences on the trail taught him the skills of a merchant while time spent in Kansas provided him with fluency in the English language. Following the Mexican-American war, Ochoa decided to settle in the United States. His first store was located in Mesilla, New Mexico Territory. From there he expanded to a second store in Las Cruces Shortly thereafter he partnered with Pinckney R. Tully, who had moved to Mesilla in 1854, to form the freighting and mercantile firm of Tully & Ochoa. In 1856, Ochoa was a delegate to a convention seeking creation of Arizona from a section of New Mexico Territory. One of Tully & Ochoa's early business ventures sent a large supply train to Tucson, New Mexico Territory.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 17th, 1831
Date of death
October 27th, 1888 at age of 57
Place of death
Las Cruces


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