Ethel Gee

Ethel Elizabeth Gee (1914–1984), nicknamed "Bunty", was an Englishwoman who helped her lover spy on their country for the Soviet Union. She was a minor member of the Portland Spy Ring. The daughter of a blacksmith, Ethel Gee lived in Portland, England. She left school at 15 to go to work. In October 1950 she became a filing clerk at the Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment at Portland. She thus handled top secret documents on Britain's underwater warfare work and HMS Dreadnought, the Royal Navy's first nuclear submarine. A spinster, Gee had little social life, since her spare time was spent looking after aging relatives, including her mother, aunt and uncle. In 1958, Gee met Harry Houghton, a former sailor who had become a civil service clerk. Houghton was an alcoholic and his marriage was about to collapse. She began an affair with Houghton, and would pose as his wife when they booked into hotels. Houghton had been supplying military secrets to spies from Poland and the USSR for some time. Through Gee, he gained access to more classified material.

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1984 at age of 70
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