Ethelreda Malte

Ethelreda Malte, also sometimes named as Audrey Malte (born c. 1527), was a lady at the court of Henry VIII of England. She married John Harington and gave birth to a daughter, which they named Hester. She had previously been engaged. Ethelreda owned properties previously belonging to Shaftsbury Nunnery. According to some reports, she was the illegitimate daughter of the King. Her mother, Joan Dingley, was the royal laundress , whom may have slept with the King, resulting in the birth of Ethelreda. Henry VIII did not acknowledge her publicly, but did however bribe his tailer, John Malte, with land and properties, to acknowledge her as his illegitimate daughter. Although John Malte was not married to her mother he did leave Ethelreda money in his will. After Ethelreda was born, Joan Dingley abandoned her with John, and married a man named Dobson. Later marrying a man named Richard Rich, and gave birth to his children, 1st Baron Richard Rich, Lord Chancellor of England and Hugh Rich.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1555 at age of 28


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