Eugene C. Eppley

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Eugene C. Eppley, (April 8, 1884-October 14, 1958), also known as Gene, was a hotel magnate in Omaha, Nebraska. Eppley is credited with single-handedly building one of the most successful hotel empires, by the 1950s the largest privately owned hotel chain in the United States. Eppley was born in Akron, Ohio and was graduated from the Culver Academies in Indiana in 1901. At the age of 19, he bought his first property, the McKinley Hotel in Canton, Ohio. At age 33, in 1917, he formed the Eppley Hotel Company. At its peak in the 1950s, the Eppley Hotel Company owned 22 hotels in six states. Eppley sold the company to Sheraton Hotels in 1956 for $30 million ($235 million in 2008 dollars). Among many activities, he was a director of Sheraton Hotels, Mid-Continent Airlines and the Mount Rushmore Foundation. After purchasing the Hotel Fontenelle in Downtown Omaha in 1920, Eppley lived at his flagship until his death in 1958. Through those years, he contributed much to the civic life of the city and its educational institutions. Eppley was a renowned philanthropist, who gave primarily to educational, civic and medical research causes in the Midwestern United States and especially in Omaha.  ( Wikipedia article )


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Eugene Eppley
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United States of America
Hotel Manager


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Culver Academies


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