Eugene Ciasullo

Eugene Ciasullo (c. 1931 East Cleveland, Ohio) is a made man in the Cleveland crime family who was involved in the murder of Danny Greene He was born to first generation emigrants from Ciaculli in Palermo, Italy. Although Eugene stood at only 5'8", he was burly, muscular and mean and played on the Shaw High School football team. Eugene had a gap-toothed face and a natural ferocity with intimidating shark-like eyes. He was taught to to work as a tradesman as a latheworker and plasterer like his uncles, but decided to pursue a career as a professional criminal in organized crime. He started committing burglaries with Pasquale Cisternino who Eugene became a close personal friend with over the years. The two became involved in loansharking, loaning out money for 5% weekly. Eugene was notorious among law enforcement and organized crime circles for his hair-trigger temper. He was known to keep an old lathing hatchet underneath the driver's seat of his car. He was involved in many violent fights with his girlfriend, friends including motorists to whom he displayed great fits of road rage on many different occasions.

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