Eugenius Birch

Architect from England

Eugenius Birch (June 20, 1818 – 1884) was a 19th Century English naval architect, engineer and noted pier builder. Both Eugenius and his brother were born in Gloucester Terrace, Shoreditch, to grain dealer John and wife Susanne. Fascinated by engineering from a young age, while still a boy he submitted a design for a passenger carriage to the London and Greenwich Railway company. Innovatively, he had against the then convention placed the wheels beneath the carriage as opposed to the side, freeing more room for the passengers. As a result, aged 16 he joined Bligh’s engineering works in Limehouse as an apprentice, and then studied at the Mechanics' Institute. Showing a gift for draftsmanship, aged 19 in 1837 he received a silver Isis Medal from the Society of Arts for his drawing of a marine steam engine, and a second silver medal the following year for his drawings and description of Huddert’s rope machinery. Later in his life, particularly during his travels, Birch produced beautiful watercolour paintings, particularly those of Italy, Egypt and Nubia during his winter of 1874-5 tour. In 1845 he formed a general design engineering partnership with his brother, which worked across  ( Wikipedia article )


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