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Farhat Hashmi (Urdu: فرحت ہاشمی born 22 December 1957) is a Islamic scholar from Pakistan, with a degree in Arabic and a PhD in Islamic Studies. She was formerly a lecturer and assistant professor at the Faculty of Usul-al-Din at International Islamic University, Islamabad. Farhat Hashmi has founded a school near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as an extension of Al-Huda International, which she had founded in Pakistan in 1994. Hashmi was born in Sargodha, Punjab, and is the daughter of Abdur Rehman Hashmi, another Muslim scholar. She received her masters in Arabic at the Punjab University, Lahore, and was married shortly afterwards to Dr. Idrees Zubair. She received her PhD from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She taught at the International Islamic University Islamabad, while also conducting informal religious study circles for women in Islamabad. She resigned from her post at the university to pursue her mission of establishing a center of Islamic learning, particularly catering to women. Al-Huda International is a chain of centers that cater towards the promotion of Qur'anic knowledge for the common women. "Al-Huda" means "The Guidance", which is one of the epithets of the  ( Wikipedia article )


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Hisham Zubair Asma Zubair Maryam Zubair Taimiyyah Zubair


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University of the Punjab
University of Glasgow

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