Félix Astol Artés

Felix Astol Artés was born in the Catalunia province of Spain in August 1, 1811 but moved to Puerto Rico, where like many other catalonians made their homes, especially in Ponce.. He occupies a special place in the hearts of Puerto Ricans as the composer of their national anthem: La Borinqueña in 1867. The revolutionary lyrics written by Lola Rodíguez de Tió a year after composing the danza, became the popular anthem. It was a time of great turbulence in Puerto Rico, as a nationalist revolution against Spain was sweeping across the political landscape. The lyrics were in keeping with that spirit. However, the lyrics known and sung today are attributed to Manuel Fernández Juncos per the request of the new Commonwealth, as Lola's were yet again deemed too revolutionary.

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