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Ferdinand de Saussure (/sɔːˈsʊr/ or /soʊˈsʊr/; French pronunciation: [fɛʁdinɑ̃ də sosyʁ]; 26 November 1857 – 22 February 1913) was a Swiss linguist whose ideas laid a foundation for many significant developments in linguistics in the 20th century. He is widely considered one of the fathers of 20th-century linguistics. One of his translators, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics (Oxford University), Roy Harris, summarized Saussure's contribution to linguistics and the study of language in the following way: Language is no longer regarded as peripheral to our grasp of the world we live in, but as central to it. Words are not mere vocal labels or communicational adjuncts superimposed upon an already given order of things. They are collective products of social interaction, essential instruments through which human beings constitute and articulate their world. This typically twentieth-century view of language has profoundly influenced developments throughout the whole range of human sciences. It is particularly marked in linguistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology".

Personal details

Date of birth
November 26th, 1857
Date of death
February 22nd, 1913 at age of 55
Place of death




1. Leipzig University Colleges/University

The University of Leipzig (German: Universität Leipzig), located in Leipzig in the Free State of Saxony, Germany, is one of the oldest universities in the world and the second-oldest university (by consecutive years of existence) in Germany. Famous alumni include Goethe, Wagner, Nietzsche, Angela Merkel and multiple Nobel Prize winners in Physics, Chemistry, and Literature.

Type Public university
2011. 217 mil. €
December 2nd, 1409
Ritterstraße 26, 04109 - Leipzig, Saxony
2010. 24,914
2010. 3,419
Official web page www.uni-leipzig.de
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b. 1857., Writer
b. 1858., Writer
b. 1856., Writer
b. 1852., Writer
b. 1856., Writer
b. 1854., Writer
b. 1862., Writer
b. 1857., Writer

2. University of Geneva Colleges/University

The University of Geneva (French: Université de Genève) is a public research university located in Geneva, Switzerland.

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24 rue du Général-Dufour, 1211 - Geneva, Canton of Geneva
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b. 1939., Writer
b. 1964., Writer
b. 1871., Writer
b. 1926., Writer
b. 1889., Writer
b. 1896., Writer
b. 1890., Writer
b. 1915., Writer

Written work

1.Course in General Linguistics

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1959. at New York City
1966. at New York City
1983. at London

2.Troisième cours de linguistique générale

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1993. by Pergamon Press at Oxford (173 pages)

3.Premier cours de linguistique generale

Editions Subjects Co-authors
1996. at New York City

4.Writings in General Linguistics

Editions Subjects Co-authors
2006. at New York City (368 pages)


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