Saint Fiacre


Saint Fiacre (Irish: Fiachra; Latin: Fiachrius; Italian: Fiacrio, French: Fiacre, Fèfre, Fèvre, German: Fiakrius) was born in Ireland at the end of the 6th century. Fiachra is an ancient pre-Christian name from Ireland. The meaning is uncertain, but the name may mean "battle king", or it may be a derivative of the word fiach "raven". The name can be found in ancient Irish folklore and stories such as the Children of Lir. He was better known in France, where he built a hospice for travelers in what is now Saint-Fiacre, Seine-et-Marne. Fiacre lived in a hermitage in County Kilkenny. His unwanted fame as one skilled with herbs, a healer and holy man, caused disciples to flock to him. Seeking greater solitude, he left his native land and sought refuge in France, at Meaux. He approached St Faro, the Bishop of Meaux, to whom he made known his desire to live a life of solitude in the forest. St Faro assigned him a spot called Prodilus (Brodoluim), the modern Breuil, in the province of Brie. Here Fiacre built an oratory in honor of the Virgin Mary, a hospice in which he received strangers, and a cell in which he himself lived apart.

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Date of death
August 18th, 0670


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