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Fiona Richmond (born March 2, 1945, Norfolk, England) is a former glamour model and actress. She is the daughter of the Reverend John Harrison. Born Julia Rosamund Harrison, she became a British sex symbol in the 1970s for her appearances in numerous risqué plays, comedy revues, magazines and films. She made her film debut (billed under the name Amber Harrison) in Not Tonight Darling (1971), followed by a cameo in Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974), then larger roles in the X-rated movies Exposé (1976), Hardcore (1977) and Let's Get Laid (1977). She also recorded the spoken word album Frankly Fiona in collaboration with Anthony Newley. She is a former girlfriend of the late UK publisher and impresario Paul Raymond. Fiona Richmond has published a number of fictional and autobiographical books based on her sex experiences, including Fiona (1976), Story of I (1978), On the Road (1979), Galactic Girl (1980), Remember Paris (1980), Good, the Bad and the Beautiful (1980), From Here to Virginity (1981), In Depth (1982) and Tell Tale Tits (1987). Her last appearances in showbiz were in the 1990s, including guest spots on James Randi: Psychic Investigator (1991), The Truth About Women  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Known as
Julia Rosamund Harrison,Amber Harrison
Date of birth
Place of birth
James Montgomery
Tara Montgomery


Year Performance Character
1978 Let's Get Laid
1977 Hardcore
0 Exposé

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