Frank Lindsay Bastedo

Frank Lindsay Bastedo (1886 – 1973) was the 11th Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. He is notable for being one of the few Canadian vice-regal representatives to refuse to give royal assent to a legislative bill. Bastedo earned his law degree from the University of Toronto in 1909. He moved to Regina two years later to join a law firm there. He was appointed King's Counsel in 1927. A Conservative by party, he headed Regina's Conservative Association from 1921 to 1924 but did not seek the party's nomination for elected office. Bastedo was appointed lieutenant-governor on the advice of Progressive Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in 1958. The lieutenant-governor, like the Governor-General of Canada is a largely ceremonial position, however, as the Queen's representative he does have rarely used reserve powers to veto legislation. Bastedo employed the little-used power to reserve a bill (that is, withhold assent and send the bill to the Governor General of Canada who would grant assent only if the federal Cabinet agrees) proposed by Saskatchewan's Co-operative Commonwealth Federation government of Woodrow Lloyd in 1961.

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Date of birth
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1973 at age of 87
Place of death
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


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