Frank Lino

Frank "Curly" Lino (born October 30, 1938 Gravesend, Brooklyn) is a Sicilian-American caporegime in the Bonanno crime family who later became an informant. Lino was born in a house on West Eight Street. The marriage of his mobster father Robert A. Lino Sr. and his mother was arranged by Genovese crime family patriarch and founder Vito Genovese during the 1930s. Frank attended Lafayette High School but dropped out in tenth grade. His father died in 1989, according to what Michael DiLeonardo said during testimony against John A. Gotti. Almost every male member of his family was involved in La Cosa Nostra. After dropping out of high school in the 1950s he joined a violent street gang called the "Avenue U Boys". As a member of the "Avenue U Boys" was involved in robberies. Lino first became associated with the La Cosa Nostra at the age of seventeen, and operated the local floating card games controlled by a Genovese crime family made soldier. He was a close business associate of Rosario Gangi. He is the cousin of Gambino crime family capo Edward Lino and brother of Gambino LCN capo Robert A. Lino Jr.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 30th, 1938
United States of America


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