Frank Luber

Veteran television and radio newsman Frank Luber has worked in broadcasting for over 50 years. Luber's career began in Annapolis, Maryland and has spanned from radio to television and back to radio. WCBM TalkRadio AM680 Baltimore, Maryland has been Luber's broadcast home for the past 18 years. For 14 years, he has been the co-host (with Sean Casey) as well as news anchor for one of Baltimore's most popular morning drive radio talk shows, "The Sean and Frank Show" on WCBM whose 50-thousand watts reaches listeners from South Central Pennsylvania to Virginia and from Delaware to Washington, D.C. After graduating from the National Academy of Broadcasting in Washington, DC, Frank first radio job was in Annapolis, MD followed by a stint with the Decca Record Company, where he promoted such popular recording artists as Brenda Lee and Jackie Wilson to the Baltimore area. Luber's next stop was at the station that introduced rock 'n' roll to the area, Baltimore's then #1 radio station, WCAO-AM. As a DJ on the "Top-40" programmed radio station, he introduced many of today's recording legends to Baltimore, generating unbelievable 30 and 40 shares in the market.

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