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Francis Patrick Vincent McManus (27 February 1905 – 28 December 1983), Australian politician, was the last leader of the parliamentary Democratic Labor Party and a prominent figure in Australian politics for 30 years. McManus was born in North Melbourne, into a working-class family of Irish Catholic background. He was educated at Christian Brothers schools and the University of Melbourne (B.A.Hons.Dip.Ed.), where he graduated in arts and education, and became a school teacher. Later he became an official in the Victorian Department of Education. In 1950 McManus was appointed Assistant State Secretary of the Australian Labor Party. The Victorian Branch of the party was then under the control of right-wing forces aligned with B.A. Santamaria's secretive anti-communist "Movement." In this position McManus supported the Industrial Groups which the party had set up within trade unions to combat the influence of the Communist Party of Australia. After Labor's defeat in the 1954 federal election, the federal Leader, Dr H.V.

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Date of birth
February 27th, 1905
Date of death
December 28th, 1983 at age of 78
Place of death
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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The Democratic Labor Party was an Australian political party. The party came into existence in 1955 as the Australian Labor Party, was renamed the Democratic Labor Party in 1957 and continued to exist until 1978.

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Australian Labor Party (Anti-Communist)


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The Australian Labor Party (Anti-Communist) was the name initially used by the right-wing group which split away from the Australian Labor Party in 1955, and which later became the Democratic Labor Party in 1957. In April 1955, seven Victorian federal MPs and eighteen state MPs were expelled from the ALP, and they formed the party under the influence of B. A. Santamaria. All but one of the twelve MPs in the Victorian Legislative Assembly, the one MP facing re-election in the Victorian Legislative Council, and all seven federal MPs were defeated at elections held in 1955. Five MPs remained in the Legislative Council until the expiry of their terms in 1958, and all who recontested their seats were defeated. The federal MPs were: Tom Andrews Bill Bourke Bill Bryson Jack Cremean Bob Joshua Stan Keon Jack Mullens However, the party did elect Frank McManus as a senator for Victoria in this election, and successful ALP candidate George Cole had chosen before the election to become part of this party. Additionally, Frank Scully gained the seat of Richmond in the Victorian Legislative Assembly in the May 1955 Victorian election.

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Democratic Labour Party

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The Democratic Labour Party is a political party in Australia of the labour tradition that espouses social conservatism and opposes neo-liberalism. The first DLP Senator in decades and a blacksmith by trade, John Madigan was elected for a six-year term to the Australian Senate with 2.3 per cent of the primary vote in Victoria at the 2010 federal election, who served from July 2011, before resigning from the party and becoming an independent in September 2014, citing long-term internal party tensions. On 27 June 2013, the Australian Electoral Commission approved a change in the spelling of the party's name from "Democratic Labor Party" to "Democratic Labour Party".

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