Frank N. D. Buchman

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Franklin Nathaniel Daniel Buchman (June 4, 1878 – August 7, 1961), best known as Dr. or Rev. Frank Buchman, was a Protestant Christian evangelist who founded the Oxford Group (known as Moral Re-Armament from 1938 until 2001, and as Initiatives of Change since then). It is claimed that he was decorated by the French and German governments for his contributions to Franco-German reconciliation after World War II, yet there are numerous examples of false claims by Buchman and his followers. Frank Buchman was born in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, United States, the son of a wholesale liquor salesman and restaurateur and a pious Lutheran mother. When he was sixteen he moved with his parents to Allentown. Buchman studied at Muhlenberg College and Mount Airy Seminary and was ordained a Lutheran minister in June 1902. Buchman had hoped to be called to an important city church, but accepted a call to Overbrook, a growing Philadelphia suburb, which did not yet have a Lutheran church building. He arranged the rental of an old storefront for worship space, and lived upstairs. After a visit to Europe, he decided to establish a hostel (called a “hospice”) in Overbrook, along the lines of Friedrich von  ( Wikipedia article )


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United States of America


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Pennsylvania State University
Muhlenberg College


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