Frank Pollard American Football Running back

Frank Pollard (born June 15, 1957 in Clifton, Texas) is a former professional American football player who played running back for nine seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He may be best remembered for his record setting performance at the 1976 Texas state track championships. The "Faces In The Crowd" article in the June 14, 1976 issue of Sports Illustrated stated: Frank Pollard Jr., 19, a senior at Meridian High, a class B school, became the highest scorer in the history of the Texas high school track meet, winning the discus (154'9"), the shot (56'3"), the 100 (9.9) and the 220 (21.8). His sprint-relay team also placed fourth. Currently, Mr. Pollard works at the Methodist Children's Home in Waco, Texas, where he helps children and young adults in their development.

Personal details

Date of birth
June 15th, 1957
United States of America
Places lived
Texas , United States of America
pop. 26,448,193 (2013)
Clifton , Texas
pop. 3,376 (2013)


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