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Franz von liszt

Franz Ritter von Liszt (March 2, 1851 Vienna – June 21, 1919 Berlin) was a German jurist, criminologist and international law reformer. As a legal scholar, he was a proponent of the modern sociological and historical school of law. From 1898 until 1917, he was Professor of Criminal Law and International Law at the University of Berlin and was also a member of the Progressive People's Party in the Prussian Chamber of Deputies and the Reichstag. Franz von Liszt's father was Eduard Ritter von Liszt, a lawyer who had completed a brilliant civil service career as the head of the newly created Austrian General Prosecutor's Office. The piano virtuoso and composer Franz Liszt was Franz von Liszt's cousin and also acted as his godfather. The Austrian title of nobility Ritter was awarded the composer Franz Liszt in 1859 by the Emperor Francis Joseph I. The composer needed the title to marry the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein without her losing her privileges, so he solicited the nobilitation which was conceded by the emperor in recognition of his services to Austria.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 2nd, 1851
Date of death
June 21st, 1919 at age of 68
Places lived
Vienna , Austria
pop. 1,731,236 (2012)


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