Fred L. Paris

Fred L. Paris is the first Independent mayor in the history of the city of Franklin, Indiana, United States of America. He was sworn in as Franklin's 40th mayor on New Year's Day, 2008, after defeating Republican incumbent Brenda Jones-Matthews on November 6, 2007. Paris ran on a platform focused on property tax relief, sensible government spending and smart economic growth. Due to his independent status, the campaign was largely a grass-roots effort. On the campaign trail, Paris was often joined by his wife and other supporters, as the future mayor canvassed every neighborhood in the city limits asking for citizens' support. Born in 1955 to William E. and Barbara Paris, Fred Paris is a graduate of Franklin Community High School. In the 1970s, he obtained his auction and real estate broker's license. Mayor Paris is also involved in many organizations such as the Franklin Elks, Franklin Rotary, Hillview Country Club and the Christian Businessmen. In his time in office, Paris has focused on streamlining city services, disaster recovery, government accountability, increased communication with the public, and economic growth.

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