Fritz Tornow

Fritz Tornow was a Feldwebel in the German Army (Wehrmacht Heer) who served as Adolf Hitler's personal dog assistant and veterinarian. He was one of the last people to occupy the F├╝hrerbunker when it was captured by Soviet troops. Tornow had the task of taking care of Hitler's beloved German shepherd Blondi, as well as her puppies, and Eva Braun's dogs. Additionally, Tornow had his own pet dachshund. During the last days of World War II, Tornow was one of the few remaining German personnel in the F├╝hrerbunker. During the course of 29 April 1945, Hitler learned of the death of his ally, Benito Mussolini, who had been executed by Italian partisans. This, along with the fact the Soviet Army was closing in on his location, led Hitler to strengthen his resolve not to allow himself or his wife to be captured. That afternoon, Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Heinrich Himmler's SS. To verify the capsules' potency, Hitler ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test them on his dog, Blondi. Tornow had to force the dog to take one. He became visibly upset doing this, more so when the dog died as a result.


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