Fusanosuke Kuhara Businessperson

Fusanosuke Kuhara (久原 房之助, Kuhara Fusanosuke, July 12, 1869 - January 29, 1965) was a businessman and politician of Japan. He was a syndicalist, zaibatsu member, and mining industrialist, later becoming a right-wing supporter in wartime Japan. He was nephew to the Denzaburo Fujita, and brother-in-law to mining leader Gisuke Ayukawa. Born in Hagi, and died in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo Commercial School (now Hitotsubashi University) in 1885, and graduated from Keio University in 1889. Through an investment from his uncle Fujita, Kuhara purchased the Hitachi Mine, formerly the Akasawa Silver Mine, in December 1905, and in two years it grew to become one of the four largest copper mines in Japan at the time. Using the success of this investment, in 1912, Kuhara founded Kuhara Trading Co., Ltd. In 1915, copper poisoning in the area prompted Kuhara to knock down the shorter, older smoke stack in favour of a chimney 155 metres tall (the tallest chimney in the world at that time) It was built on the top of a mountain near the refinery. In this regard, Kuhara was the first to make use of the upper-layer air current.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1965 at age of 96
Places lived
Yamaguchi Prefecture , Japan
pop. 1,445,473 (2012)


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