Gabriel Amisi Kumba

Major General Gabriel Amisi Kumba (Tango Four) is Chief of Staff of the Forces Terrestres, the army of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Amisi was a former Forces armees Zairoises (FAZ) officer who was recruited into the AFDL in 1996. During the Second Congo War, Amisi was assistant chief of staff for logistics of RCD-G. This position was the origin of his nickname, as T-4 was the abbreviation for his position. He became famous for helping command the repression of a mutiny in Kisangani in May 2002. He was former commander of the 8th Military Region in North Kivu, appointed in January 2005. In August 2006, it appears he was moved from command of the 8th Military Region to become chief of staff of the FARDC Land Forces (Forces Terrestre). There are credible allegations, some made by the BBC, that General Kumba has personally profited from his position, benefiting from mining in the East of the country, during the past few years. There have been many reports linking Amisi to mining operations in North Kivu.


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