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Gary Allan Herzberg (born December 5, 1967) is an American country music artist, known professionally as Gary Allan. Signed to Decca Records in 1996, Allan made his debut on the United States country music scene with the release of his single "Her Man", the lead-off to his gold-certified debut album Used Heart for Sale, which was released in 1996 on Decca Records. A second album, It Would Be You, followed in 1998 on Decca. Allan's third album, Smoke Rings in the Dark, was his first album for MCA Nashville (to which he has been signed ever since) and the first platinum album of his career. Its successors, Alright Guy (2001) and See If I Care (2003), were all certified platinum as well, while 2005's Tough All Over and 2007's Greatest Hits were both certified gold. A seventh studio album, Living Hard, was released later in 2007. Overall, Allan's seven studio albums and Greatest Hits package have produced 24 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including three that reached Number One: "Man to Man" and "Tough Little Boys" in 2003, and "Nothing On but the Radio" in 2004.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 5th, 1967
United States of America
Places lived
La Mirada , California
pop. 49,133 (2013)



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Music albums

Album title Release date Release type Recording type Recording length Additional artists Contributors
Set You Free
Country rock
January 22nd, 2013 Album Studio album
February 25th, 2013 Single
Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)
October 2nd, 2012 Single
Get Off on the Pain
March 9th, 2010 Album on compact disc Studio album
Kiss Me When I'm Down
September 27th, 2010 Single
Get Off on the Pain
March 15th, 2010 Single
June 12th, 2009 Single
Learning How to Bend
March 17th, 2008 Single
Watching Airplanes
July 23rd, 2007 Single
Living Hard
October 23rd, 2007 Album on compact disc Studio album
Life Ain't Always Beautiful
January 17th, 2006 Single
A Feelin' Like That
October 23rd, 2006 Single
Best I Ever Had
May 23rd, 2005 Single
Tough All Over
October 11th, 2005 Album on compact disc Studio album
Nothing on but the Radio
June 21st, 2004 Single
Tough Little Boys
June 23rd, 2003 Single
Songs About Rain
November 17th, 2003 Single
See If I Care
September 30th, 2003 Album Studio album 41 minutes
The One
January 14th, 2002 Single
Man to Man
September 30th, 2002 Single
Man of Me
2001 Single
Alright Guy
October 2nd, 2001 Album on compact disc Studio album 41 minutes
Right Where I Need to Be
September 11th, 2000 Single
Smoke Rings in the Dark
August 9th, 1999 Single
Smoke Rings in the Dark
October 26th, 1999 Album on compact disc Studio album 40 minutes
It Would Be You
February 10th, 1998 Single
It Would Be You
May 19th, 1998 Album on compact disc Studio album 42 minutes
Used Heart for Sale
September 24th, 1996 Album on compact disc Studio album 30 minutes


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