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Gary Dahl is an award-winning copywriter, creative director, advertising agency owner, entrepreneur and the creator of the Pet Rock. Dahl, an advertising executive from Los Gatos, California, was sitting in a bar listening to friends complain about their pets. He got the idea of creating the perfect pet. This led to the idea of selling rocks to people as pets, complete with instructions. The instruction book was the real product, which was full of gags and puns. The 1975 fad only lasted about half a year, but that was enough to make Dahl a millionaire. From the proceeds of his fad "pets," Dahl opened a bar in Los Gatos, the ironically named Carrie Nation's (named after the famous bar smasher). He later attempted to follow up this success selling "Sand Breeding Kits" and "Red China Dirt," ostensibly a plan to smuggle mainland China into the United States, one cubic centimeter at a time. These novelties failed to attract as much interest as the Pet Rock, though. Dahl's agency, Gary Dahl Creative Services, in Campbell, California, specializes in electronic advertising.

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