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Geoff Turton (born Geoffrey Turton, 11 March 1944, Birmingham), who also recorded under the name Jefferson, was a British singer. His musical career began as the falsettist lead singer, and rhythm guitarist of The Rockin' Berries in 1961, who scored a number of hits in the UK and Europe. The group was best known for its covers, and Turton did much of the searching and decision work as to what was to be sung. When the group broke up in 1968, Turton started a solo career, releasing a single, "Don't You Believe It", on Piccadilly Records. It flopped, and Piccadilly head John Schroeder suggested that Turton change his name to Jefferson. The single "Montage" failed to chart, but its follow-up, "Colour of My Love", was a hit in the UK (peaking at #22 in the UK Singles Chart), and US (reaching #68 on the Billboard Hot 100), and an LP was issued following its success. A third single, "Baby Take Me in Your Arms", was not a hit in the UK, but cracked the Top 40 in America, peaking at #23 and justifying the release of a stateside album. At the time of this single's success, Turton was hurt in a car crash, and so he did not make any live appearances.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 11th, 1944
Places lived
Birmingham , England
pop. 1,074,300 (2011)


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Musical acts

1.Rockin' Berries Rock music, Novelty song, Pop music, Comedy

1961 - 1968

The Rockin' Berries are a pop group from Birmingham, England, who had several hit records in the UK in the 1960s. A version of the group, emphasising comedy routines as well as music, continues to perform to the present day.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Clive Lea
1961 1970
Terry Bond
1961 1970
Doug Thompson
1961 1961
1961 1968
Tim Munns
1961 1961
Jimmy Powell
1961 1961
Paul Hewitt
1961 1961
Chuck Botfield
Roy Austin
1961 1965
Dennis Ryland
1961 1961
Bobby Thompson
1965 1967
Rod Clarke
1967 1970
Ken Rodway
1968 1969
Terry Webster
1970 1976
John Dawson
1970 1990
Keith Smart
1970 1998
Derek Jason
1976 2000
Simon Ryland
Jay McGee


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