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Georg Bachmayer (August 12, 1913 – May 8, 1945) was an SS-Hauptsturmführer (captain) and member of the SS-Totenkopfverbände who served as the "Protective Detention Camp" commandant (Schutzhaftlagerführer), with responsibility for prisoners while they were inside the Mathausen concentration camp, he also oversaw granite production in the quarry. In this position he also inspected the satellite camps and supervised the construction of the Ebensee camp. He was considered a brutal sadist: "Bachmayer was clearly a sadist. His speciality was to set two mastiff-like bloodhounds (one in 1944 "Lord") on inmates, which would literally tear them to death. This was known in camp jargon as ‘dying from the dog’s kiss’. The real cause of death from a medical point of view was usually general sepsis, if the inmate didn’t die immediately of heart failure. Of the thousands of inmates that Bachmayer himself killed or tortured, just two cases are mentioned here. One day the evening roll call in block 20 didn’t tally and one inmate was missing. In block 20 the unfortunate victims of Action K were housed under special security measures [...] where they were left to die of hunger. When the missing inmate  ( Wikipedia article )


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