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George Calvert Yount (May 4, 1794 - October 5, 1865) was a trapper in William Wolfskill's party from New Mexico and came to California in 1831. He was the first Euro-American permanent settler in the Napa Valley, where he was the grantee of two Mexican land grants. Yountville, California is named for him. George C. Yount was born in Burke County, North Carolina, but grew up in Missouri. He fought in War of 1812 and Indian wars. Yount was a farmer but in 1826, after business difficulties, left his wife and three children in Missouri, and went to Santa Fe and became a fur trapper. Yount eventually made his way to California, arriving in 1831 with the Wolfskill party. He trapped sea otter on the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. He went to Sonoma in 1834, where he was employed as a carpenter by General Vallejo. Through the influence of Vallejo, Yount received the Rancho Caymus land grant in 1836, and became the first permanent settler in the Napa Valley. He built a cabin, or block-house and a grist-mill. In 1843 he received the Rancho La Jota land grant on Howell Mountain north of Rancho Caymus, where he built a saw-mill. George C. Yount received a US patent on both of these grants with  ( Wikipedia article )


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George Yount
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North Carolina


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