George Herbert, 8th Earl of Carnarvon

Noble person

George Reginald Oliver Molyneux Herbert, 8th Earl of Carnarvon (born 10 November 1956) is a British peer. A god-son of Queen Elizabeth II, he studied at Eton College, and graduated from St. John's College, Oxford. He succeeded to the title of 8th Earl Carnarvon on 11 September 2001. He lives at Field House, Highclere Castle, which he has been fighting to maintain. Andrew Lloyd Webber offered to buy it. He is the current Heir Presumptive of the Earldoms of Pembroke and Montgomery (He is a patrilineal 8th cousin of the current Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery: William Herbert) He married Jayne M. Wilby; they had children: then he married Fiona J. M. Aitken; they had:  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
Jean Margaret Wallop, Henry Herbert


Institution From To
Eton College

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