George John Dasch Soldier

George John Dasch (February 7, 1903 – 1992) was a German spy and saboteur who landed on American soil during World War II. He helped to destroy Nazi Germany’s espionage program in the United States by defecting to the American cause, but was tried and convicted of treason and espionage. Georg Johann Dasch was born in Speyer, Germany. He entered a Roman Catholic seminary at the age of 13 to study for the priesthood. However, he was expelled the following year. Lying about his age, he enlisted in the Imperial German Army and served in Belgium during the final months of World War I. In 1923 he entered the United States illegally by ship as a stowaway. Dasch enlisted as a private in the U.S. Army Air Forces and served one year, when he purchased himself out of the Army and received an honorable discharge. He then worked as a waiter in New York City, and in 1930 married Rose Marie Guille, an American citizen. Naturalized an American citizen in 1933, Dasch returned to Germany in 1941. Dasch and the others were trained for espionage activities in a German High Command school on an estate at Quentz Lake, near Berlin, Germany.

Personal details

Date of birth
February 7th, 1903
United States of America
Date of death
1992 at age of 88

Military service

Force Unit Rank From To
United States Army


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